Wheel of Fortune Fail

ABC/Wheel of Fortune

Little did Wheel of Fortune contestant Kevin know that he'd be a viral Internet star the moment he assumed A Street Car Na_ed Desire needed a "k" instead of an "m."

While the late playwright Tennessee Williams would probably be less than impressed, viewers everywhere couldn't contain their laughter, especially after the next contestant, Lisa, guessed properly to spell out A Street Car Named Desire. "Although you got the right answer, I'd rather see Kevin's play," host Pat Sajak quipped.

Game shows are prime for viral moments, given the pressure to perform and come up with an answer, meaning Kevin is far from alone in his embarrassment. In honor of Kevin's epic fail, we've rounded up some other big game show mistakes: 

While appearing on Family Fortune, a contestant was asked to name something he'd bring to the beach, a food that's stuffed and other random questions. Each time he said "turkey." Who brings turkey to the beach?!

In Bob Barker's early days of The Price Is Right, a contestant was told to "come on down!" but lost her top in the process. Oops!

Family Feud has seen a variety of fails, but one of the better ones was when a man screamed "naked grandma" when asked to "name something a burglar would not want to see when he breaks into a house." His enthusiasm was so over the top that no one could handle it. "I don't want to see that either," his opponent quipped.

One group of Wheel of Fortune contestants made a big mistake after they buzzed in for the category "around the house." They answered "wood-burning microwave," which immediately drew a laugh because that really makes no sense whatsoever.

During a 1986 Jeopardy! episode, a contestant selected the Roman Empire category. His clue read, "By the 4th century A.D., Rome had 28 public ones stacked with rolls of papyrus." His answer? "What are public toilets." The correct answer was public libraries, but everyone watching (and participating) enjoyed the poop answer.

What are some of your favorite game show fails? Sound off in the comments!

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