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Let's get one thing straight: Collagen is your friend.

Whether you apply it topically, inject it (i.e. lip injections and wrinkle fillers) or take it orally (in supplement form), the naturally-produced protein is arguably the most effective age-fighting ingredient.

It helps keep your skin youthful and plump, but as you get older, your body starts producing less and less. When that happens, cue all the tell-tale signs of maturity: wrinkles, sagging skin and even joint pain. That's probably why celebs like Jennifer Anistonhave turned to drinkable collagen, the newest iteration of the protein, to help keep their skin firm.

But is a collagen-infused smoothie really worth the effort? All signs point to yes.

First off, the digestible collagen craze is nothing new—it's existed in Asia for years and is scientifically proven to work. In the US, it recently picked up steam right alongside the Hollywood bone broth craze, which essentially provides the same healthy-skin benefits.

The most popular brand of drinkable collagen right now (and the one Jen loves) is by Vital Proteins. But just a note—it's not vegetarian friendly. Scratch that, they actually do have a veggie-friendly version coming out this month, but the majority of drinkable collagen blends are derived from beef-bone and fish-scale sources. You also have to drink the stuff daily for around a month's time to notice any kind of glowy-skin difference.

"In Australia we have this brand Proplenish that I use. I put a packet in my daily smoothie and I seriously see the difference—it just made my skin plumper," noted activewear designer Lorna Jane to E! News.

Brace yourself, because the add-ins have a distinct, not-so-appetizing taste. "I highly recommend going the smoothie route—you can't taste it at all when it's blended. I tried mixing it with hot water and lemon, but could sense that it wasn't just water in there, and it made me a bit sick to my stomach (but that might be all mental)," noted E! News social editor Kailey Harless, who tested out the bone-broth formula from Vital Proteins.

Our advice: If you already make a daily smoothie, pop it in for an added boost and little extra effort. If you're totally new to the supplement game: Start now because, for Jennifer Aniston-esque results, it's worth it.

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