Hello, suitors!

They promised Bachelor Nation a "historic" After the Finale Rose special, and they delivered on Monday night with one of the most fun twists they've ever thrown at us. 

For the first time ever, some of the next season of The Bachelorette's contestants were introduced during the one-hour special, following the finale, and new Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay was just as surprised as the live audience was when the men were brought up to the stage one by one. 

"What you don't know is The Bachelorette starts right now," host Chris Harrison said, as a shocked Rachel watched a large fake Bachelor mansion background get rolled in behind her.

Save a few familiar faces from previous seasons returning for a second chance at love with another lead and Liz (aka Nick Vialls one-night stand from Jade and Tanner's wedding), the Bachelor or Bachelorette never knows who the suitors are prior to the first night and they make their first (limo) impressions. Not this season!

The men who were introduced? 

First, Rachel met Demario. We don't know anything about him, but he did buy a ring and book some flights to Vegas for he and Rachel to elope, so that's fun. 

Next up was Blake, who didn't seem to have a plan, but just kind of bantered with Rachel about how nervous they both were for a while. Rachel also met Dean, who was "ready to go black," and planned to never go back (which Rachel, for the record, loved), and Eric, who's from Baltimore and believes what's mean to be will be. He and Rachel even shared a moment of dancing together on stage.

Can we just skip ahead a few months to her premiere now, please? 

Rachel Lindsay, Jimmy Kimmel Live

ABC/Randy Holmes

As  for what Rachel is looking for in a partner, the Bachelorette herself told E! News, 'Physically, I truly don't have a type. I've outgrown that whole 'I have a checklist of 20 different things I need in a man.' But I want is a man who is self-aware, secure and confident in who he is, what he has and is not intimidated by anything that I'm bringing to the table."

To hear more from Rachel on her season, including her feelings on being the first black Bachelorette ("I want to address it but I do not want it to be the theme of my season"), watch our interview with her above.

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, May 22 on ABC.

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