The hosts of Jono and Ben, one of New Zealand's hottest talk shows, decided to ditch Auckland and take a trip to La La Land for their show last week. Jono and Ben is where Late Night and sketch comedy meet on their side of the globe, complete with guests, parodies and, of course, pranks.

Naturally, their Los Angeles show was no exception.

Jono Pryor, one half of the comedy duo that makes up Jono and Ben, reached out to their friend Kim Crossman, a fellow New Zealander who also stars on E!'s digital series Hashtaggers, to set up a prank on Ben Boyce. After telling Ben about a possible job offer, Kim convinces him to fly out to California for an audition to co-host E! News Live.

There's just one problem.

That's right, the audition is fake. Aided by E! News' own Jason Kennedy, who acted as the "man on the inside," Ben gets totally roasted.

When he walks into the audition, first Kim and then Jason agree Ben's under-dressed, but Jason offers to loan him a suit—which then leads to Ben unknowingly stripping to his skivvies in front of about two dozen people watching from the studio.

But it's when the interviewers arrive that things really take a turn...

Jono and Ben

The interviewers lead by asking Ben about what he does now, asking if he'd be willing to split up Jono and Ben if he got the part. After a bit of hesitation, Ben says that he thinks Jono would understand that this was a huge opportunity.

"He's trying to divorce you! What a savage!" Jason jokes to Jono behind the scenes.

Ben goes on to flub a a mock-interview with Kanye ("designing shoes—it's an awesome thing that you do—is it hard, or is it Yeezy?"), attempt some ridiculous American accents, and eventually end up having security called.

Check out the video above and see how it all unfolds!

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