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Now we know why James Corden loves boy bands so much...he was in one!

The Late Late Show host revealed Thursday night that he, Nick Kroll and Jordan Peele were all in a boy band when they were younger. They came together after realizing "boy bands up until then had been missing something." The only way to fix it was to form a group.

"We decided to form the first ever honest boy band," Kroll explained in the "documentary." "We took existing boy band songs, cut through all the innuendo and just got to the heart of what those songs were really about: hardcore sex."

Cue up Thr33way's (their band name) cover of Backstreet Boys' "I Want It That Way"

"You are my fire / The one desire / Believe when I say / I want a threeway," Corden crooned.

"Tell me why / We can't have a threeway / Tell me why / But what if it's my birthday," Peele and Kroll joined in.

"That song blew up the charts," Kroll recalled. "We sold out the Roxy in half an hour...opening for Jamiroquai.

They also sang "Quit Playing Games With My Penis," "Tearin' Up My Butt," "End of the Choad" and "Bye-Bye-Bi-Sexual."

But like any boy band, Thr33way hit a struggle. After recording Hanson's "MMMBop" and turning into "Boobs," they got sued. "It turns out they're very religious," Peele said with a look of regret.

"They took us to court, and they won quickly," Kroll added. "It actually still holds the record for fastest court hearing. Fifty three seconds."

"It wasn't just them," Corden added. "Unfortunately once Hanson won their case it opened the floodgates. Everyone was suing us: 'N Sync, the Backstreet Boys, even The Beatles."

In trying to repair their image, the three guys appeared on Extra with Mario Lopez. The interview ended up destroying their career as it turned out they were all "total virgins."

"Define virgin," Peele, crying, said.

It was all downhill from there for Thr33way. "It was also really hard to lose our virginities," Kroll confessed.

He also said they realized their lyrics made it very clear they had never had sex. "Please play games with my penis," Kroll said, alluding to the band's BSB cover.

Watch the hilarious video above to see the rise and fall of Thr33way.

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