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Who will win the 2017 Super Bowl?

On Sunday, the New England Patriots will face off against the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI. And while we'll have to wait until this weekend to find out who will be victorious, many E! stars are revealing who they think will win the big game.

From Fashion Police co-host NeNe Leakes to Botched stars Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif to E! News' Maria Menounos and Jason Kennedy, celebs are revealing their predictions for this weekend. So who are your favorite E! stars rooting for?

Find out in the predictions below!

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"I think this is Atlanta's year, I'm actually rooting for them bc one of my best friends...Hi Matt Lanter from NBC's a die hard fan and wears his Falcons jersey to my house even when we're going to a nice dinner on a Friday night. Falcons win 42-38."

-Jason Kennedy, E! News


"I am rooting for New England Patriots because my brother Brock has an unhealthy obsession with [Tom] Brady! Lol and plus I love Giselle of course!"

-Olivia Pierson, WAGS


"I'd like to see Atlanta finally have their turn. Patriots have won so many super bowls already. But sign me up for any super bowl party as long as there's buffalo wings."

-Christine Evangelista, The Arrangement


"I think and hope the Falcons win because I'm tired of the Pats, and it's time for the 'Dirty Bird' to RISE UP!"

-Michael Vartan, The Arrangement


"Patriots will destroy the Falcons. There is no competing with the Belicheck/Brady machine. Those two are the football GOATs of the century."

-Terry Dubrow, Botched


"In terms of who I want to win and why, being a Boston native, I obviously want the Patriots to win. I've been to every Super Bowl since Tom Brady won his first year and I'm excited and eager to see him win a fifth ring this year. Regardless, he is the is Coach Belichick. And lastly and most importantly, to watch Roger Goodell have to present him the Lombardi Trophy, I have a feeling he will magically get the flu or something."

-Maria Menounos, E! News

Tom Brady

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"I'm rooting for the Falcons, not because I don't like golden boy Tom Brady, but rather because I am a Buffalo Bills fan and, by definition, I can never root for the Bills' rival New England!!"

-Ken Baker, E! News


"I'm rooting for Team Lady Gaga, because that halftime show is my whole reason for living. And for the Atlanta Falcons, because I've got a soft spot for the underdog."

-Miriam Isa, E! News


"Who am I rooting for? I mean is that really a question for the girl that's from Georgia! Atlanta Falcons alllll the way. Why? Simply because we are the BEST! Our offense is unstoppable! The birds will rise up and become the Super Bowl Champions."

-NeNe Leakes, Fashion Police


"Sure we all know Tom Brady has six Super Bowl appearances, 4 rings (and is insanely good looking) but it's time for some new champs and I've got two words for you...Julio Jones. He's a beast, a man among boys, THE number one receiver in football and he's gonna take the Falcons all the way. PLUS don't forget to watch out for my boy Tevin Coleman, a fellow Hoosier and half of the Dirty Birds' electric running back duo.  In their second SB appearance, I'm Atlanta! "

-Catt Sadler, E! News


"Tom Brady deserves his deflategate redemption! Patriots will win by 3."

-Carissa Culiner, E! News


"I grew up watching Rugby so American football fascinates me, the Super Bowl means a big home cooked meal and the family gathering together to cheer on the game. I'm rooting for the Patriots and my wife is from Alabama so she's cheering for the Falcons. It's going to be an interesting night. The kids are excited for the Super Bowl commercials!"

-Nigel Barker, E! Live From The Red Carpet


"My mom's side of the family is from Boston, so...I'm going with the Patriots in a high scoring shootout 35-32!  Brady gets his 5th Super Bowl and will be undoubtedly the GOAT!"

-Paul Nassif, Botched

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