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Time to drop a beat, Prince Harry

The 32-year-old royal watched with a smile Wednesday as he spent some time with young students enrolled in rap lessons at Nottingham Academy. 

The classes are part of the Royal Foundation's Full Effect Program, which provides after-school activities and mentorship to kids at risk of being affected by violence in their neighborhoods. 

Before sitting down with the children, the prince made his way around the table and introduced himself to each one with a handshake. After he was settled in his seat, Harry fist-bumped the student sitting next to him, 11-year-old Newton. 

"It was a great feeling to be able to rap for the prince," the boy said. "I don't think many people get to fist bump him, so that was amazing." 

Soon, it was time for the kids to share their rhymes with the royal. As little Newton performed his rap, Prince Harry stood by and listened with enthusiasm, breaking out into applause and laughter with the student threw his paper in the air with the final line. 

"I think he thought my bars were sick. We are G's for life now," Newton joked. 

While visiting the academy, Prince Harry also stopped to watch students in action during a kickboxing class, but when he was invited to step in, he charismatically declined.  "I'm wearing a jacket for a reason," he quipped. 

Later, he attended a graduation ceremony for the Royal Foundation's Coach Core program, which helps young people get employed as athletic coaches while simultaneously acting as mentors in their communities. 

"The effect that you can have within your communities now by taking the decision you've taken and now by bringing your skills back to that community and being able to engage other people is something seriously lacking in many cities across the UK," Prince Harry said in a speech.

"I genuinely believe that you guys, putting yourselves forward for this—you are unique individuals and now you've got a unique toolbox you can take forward to change the lives of not just yourselves and people around you, but also the kids that you interact with."

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