Cloris Leachman, Madonna

Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images, Franziska Krug/

You gotta love Cloris Leachman's honest slutty humor. The 82-year-old blabbed all on her post-Super Bowl smoochfest with Jack Black on The Office last weekend.

"He's a wonderful kisser," the wrinkly devil dished, adding they even had time to practice the steamy makeout sesh before. "We spent about half an hour in my dressing room discussing it."

Eesh, that's a little TMI there, Clor, but we heart your frankness about it all. Why the hell can't all age-ignoring lover chicks be as up front and proud about it? Kristin Chenoweth knows how to keep her youngun' happy and not be ashamed of the age diff.

So why not Madonna? Or Demi, for that matter? We hear Ashton's totally packin', just like A-Rod and the lastest Latino boy-toy Madge has corralled. What's the damn secret, all you bitchin' cougar chicks?

Now M prides herself on her sexuality; I mean we've seen all of her, and she had no shame chatting about the girl-on-girl Britney kiss. So why does she keep baby Jesus all to herself? Own it, Madge! (You, too, Demi!) You got yourself a stud; parade him around like Suri Cruise a bit, and give us a taste of the mama-knows-best life!

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