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There's nothing better than a good night's rest.

Puffy eyes and a cranky attitude just won't do. With constant public appearances, early morning calls and flashing camera lights, a lack of sleep has major consequences for celebrities. But, those high-paying jobs are also known for keeping people up at night.

"Not all people under stress have insomnia but the two are often linked. People who do not get enough sleep will often find events more stressful than people with adequate sleep," says Dr. Robert Oexman, Director of the Sleep to Live Institute. The sleep expert prefers to use the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBTI) method, in lieu of prescription drugs, and suggests two 8 oz glasses of tart cherry juice before bed.

While Arianna Huffington has been the longtime champion for sleepGwyneth PaltrowMariah CareyKim Kardashian and many other A-listers have weighed in on how to snooze your way through the night. Having trouble slipping into a sound slumber? Try these celeb-approved sleep aids!

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Sakara Sleep Tea

With chamomile, lavender and other soothing herbs, this tea blend supports deep sleep, calming the nervous system and reducing anxiety. It may also decrease the aging process by supporting the release of human growth hormone during your rest. Lily Aldridge and Kate Hudson have gotten sleep this way.

Relax and Sleep Well App

Is your life a bit too eventful? Does your professional and personal life keep you up at night? Before this gets too infomercial-like, here's an app that claims to help with insomnia: Relax and Sleep Well. The program uses hypnosis and meditation recordings to calm you down. Hey, if it can put Lindsay Lohan to sleep, it just might work for you, too.

Thank you Dr. Martin Luther King for moving mountains and changing our world.

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Mariah Carey once told Interview Magazine that she sleeps with 20 humidifiers near her bed, and honestly, we don't blame her. There are more than a few benefits to owning a humidifier, including soothing dry skin, alleviating snoring, clearing sinuses and, if you're Mariah, lubricating those vocal chords. Most importantly, the added moisture in the air provides a more sound sleep. We recommend the Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier ($29.86).

Dirty Lemon Sleep

With no added sweeteners, Dirty Lemon Sleep uses "functional herbs along with Magnesium and rose water to promote drowsiness and mental calm." The beverage comes in a case of six, and the company urges consumers to drink it once a day for optimal results. Recently, Kim Kardashian has been a loyal customer to the brand.

my love.

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Epsom Salt

For less than $5, this sleep aid is definitely worth a try! Gwyneth Paltrow has shared her love for before-bed baths with epsom salt on multiple occasions. Combining aromatherapy, muscle relaxants and meditation, bubble baths are a great way to ease your mind before bed and chill out.

Eight Sleep Mattresses

Comfort is a big factor in getting your needed ZZZs. And, there isn't a one-size-fits-all option when it comes to bedding. Drum roll, please. Introducing Eight Sleep smart mattresses, which allows customers to customize their sleep experience with an app. The bed allows a setting for each side of the bed, so cute couples like Hannah Brofman and Brendan Fallis can cuddle in comfort.

Pzizz App

Anyone that can invent the world of Harry Potter probably has great dreams. J.K. Rowling, along with a few professional athletes, have publicly appreciated the Pzizz app, which uses "psychoacoustic principles to create beautiful dreamscapes." It uses music, voiceovers and personalization features to help you get a good night's rest.

Sweet dreams everyone!

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