Jenni Pulos, Flipping Out, Family

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Congratulations to Jenni Pulos!

The 44-year-old, who serves as the home makeover project manager on the Bravo reality show Flipping Out, is pregnant with her and husband Dr. Jonathan Nassos' second child, another girl.

The two are parents to daughter Aliana Marika, 3. Pulos revealed the news Wednesday, posting on her Instagram page a photo of her showcasing her baby bump while standing next to her little girl. Pulos sports a T-shirt that reads "Lil Sis," while Aliana is wearing a pink tutu and a shirt that reads "Big Sis."

"Miracles are everywhere!" Pulos wrote. "Thanking God and everyone whose kindness and support helped more than you will ever know ♥ #LoveHelpers."

Pulos told People she is expecting a baby girl. In her photo, her daughter stands in front of a bunch of pink balloons.

Jenni Pulos, Flipping Out, Family


Pulos and her husband had conceived after she underwent IVF treatments. The first round failed. At her age, she cannot produce many good-quality eggs that can be used to turn into viable embryos that could survive a pregnancy.

"I think somewhere inside me, when that news came back, I said don't give up, there's still a chance," Pulos said on Flipping Out this past ninth season. "The whole process of IVF is very emotional. I understand it differently now, how taxing it is but I look at all the people I know that have just championed on and that keeps me going."

She told People she and her husband were left with one embryo that they were told "could be viable."

"They said you'd have a 50/50 percent chance that it will work," she said. "We had one chance, and through the process we almost stopped because the doctor said, 'This isn't looking good. And something in me said, go forward."

Pulos had conceived her eldest child naturally but had suffered a miscarriage beforehand. 

She told People she is due to give birth to her second child in June.

While Pulos underwent IVF, Flipping Out's main star, Jeff Lewis, and his partner Gage Edward welcomed their first child, daughter Monroe Christine Lewis. She was born last October. 

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