Madonna, David


Madonna and her supposed love-boy male model Jesus Luz dined in New York. The May-December duo's grub date was joined by two of M's offspring, Lourdes and David, at the Macelleria Restaurant where they got VIP treatment—like Madge would demand anything less.

The Ciccone clan sat in the wine cellar, away from the prying eyes of the nasty-poo public. Guess M didn't want a crowd seeing her babysit three kids? That'd be so Mommy of her, and babe's so over that whole English Roses children's-book-writing crap. Enjoying some eats elsewhere was Madonna's ex…

Sean Penn and a male amigo, celebrating the Super Bowl. The two dudes relaxed postgame at Nobu in West Hollywood, silently slurping back a couple of beers. Was Seanie keeping it low-key and quiet as not to get noticed, or was he upset Lindsay Lohan wasn't around to flirt with? A fete-lovin' femme of another kind was…

Kristin Cavallari, living it up at MyHouse lounge in H'wood. K-babe was "the life of the party" says a clubgoer. The Laguna Beach lady was "dancing on the table and drinking tequila!" Quite the opposite of Kris' bash-lovin' behavior was…

Kevin Connolly, also partying at MyHouse. K.C. musta picked up some club tricks from former GF Nicky Hilton Rothschild, though Kev kept busy by leering at other people doing the partying. "He seemed very to himself and quiet," said a source. "Just watching the activity on the dance floor all night." Kristin Cav, watch out where ya jiggle your bits—ya never know who's watching.

—Additional reporting by Whitney English and Becky Bain

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