Barack Obama, Michelle Obama

Ron Sachs-Pool/Getty Images

Now that ABC's Charles Gibson has started, with his interview this morning, what will ostensibly be a far more give-and-take relationship between the media and the Oval Office, I have a few queries for the prez, too. Of course, no one but me will ever ask these questions, but I'm used to that loneliness, for sure. So let's have at it, Barack! Here lie 10 queries you should be asked:

  1. What did you really think of Michelle's Inaugural, Big Bird-style ball gown?
  2. Why do you consort with bloated anti-gay zealots?
  3. Do you write on your B.B. while sitting on the can like most of us do?
  4. Speaking of cans, would you ever take a cabinet meeting into the john, like LBJ used to do?
  5. Just how effed are we in this economy?
  6. How much did you pay the Jonas Brothers to show up during a White House scavenger hunt?
  7. What's the real reason you didn't pick Hillary for V.P.?
  8. When will you support gay marriage?
  9. What words of personal support can you give those who don't have jobs and homes right now?
  10. How long do you give Brad and Angie?
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