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Are you one of the fans who's desperately hoping someone will stick a fork in the Denny and Izzie storyline on Grey's Anatomy? Well, good news, it appears as though Denny's days are most certainly numbered.

But what exactly is wrong with Izzie? Will Derek pop the question? And what is up with Addison coming to town?

Get the latest Grey's scoop, plus the word on Lost, Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, Fringe, 90210 and much more in this week's round-up of exclusive TV dish...

Patrice in Fairview, Okla.: Any word on how the cast of Desperate Housewives feels about the extra two seasons Marc Cherry wants to do?

Andrea Bowen

Lora Voigt/

According to Andrea Bowen (Julie Mayer), she and her fellow Wisteria Laners may have only expected to do seven seasons, but they're willing to keep going if it feels right. "It kind of surprised all of us that he's contemplating going nine, but if our fans support it, it's a great thing. If our only problem is should we do more seasons, then you don't really have a problem." As for this season's resurgence of popularity, Bowen says, "If we can keep it really entertaining and make good television, why not go as long as possible?"

Jeanine in Miami: What's going on with Scrubs? I hope this isn't really the last season!
You're not the only one! Donald Faison (Turk) just told me that as of right now, nothing is definite. "I would love for the show to continue to go. I would love to have the opportunity to do it again. I don't know what is going to happen, but right now it's pretty cool that we're doing good." As for Turk's future at Sacred Heart, Donald teased: "I'll say this. It'll be an interesting year as far as work goes for Turk."   

Stacey in Miami: Dollhouse premieres next week, and we haven't heard a thing about it.
Not to worry, we'll have some special Dollhouse bonuses all next week including Tahmoh Friday! The sexy Cylon-lovin' Helo and the hot FBI agent Paul Ballard, both played by Tahmoh Penikett, will run right after each other on Friday nights starting next week, and boy are we happy. Tahmoh himself jokes, "It's a big night for me. I guess I'm on two shows!" Right you are, and we'll be looking forward to it!

Lucas in Evanston, Ill. Hey, Kristin, I am loving Trust Me on TNT, how is it ratings wise?
Sadly, it needs to do a little better. The premiere pulled about 3.4 million, about half the numbers of lead-in The Closer and not up to par with the other recent TNT series premieres for Leverage and Raising the Bar. Plenty of time for improvement, but if you're a fan, start telling friends now.

Gregory in Palm Beach, Fla.: How is the new CBS show Harper's Island? It looks intriguing.
Honestly? The first episode is 42 minutes of my life I'll never get back. I love Chris Gorham. I cannot endorse this series. Sorry!

Spoilers: Spoiler Line: Do Not Cross

Karen: Could we have some Owen and Cristina scoop for the upcoming episode of Grey's Anatomy? And not that the ex-fiancée is coming back, because we're all over that, seriously.
Yeah, the ex stirs up a little drama, but Cristina and Owen have the sexiest exchanges in the hospital in Thursday's episode before she shows up. Now, it's not the crazy sex you're dying for, but your heart will melt none the less. In other romance news, Derek gets within an inch of proposing to Meredith, but an urgent phone call from Addison—about, like, Archer's brain tumor—takes precedence and ends that initiative. Priorities, people, priorities!

Katherine Heigl

Michael Buckner/Getty Images for PCA

Kathy in Castle Rock, Colo.: Hi, Kristin! Any scoop on the fate of Izzie? Is she dying? I hope not. I love her on that show!
This week, Izzie (Katherine Heigl) finally gets proactive in figuring out what's wrong with her, using the interns to run every test imaginable without their knowledge. The tests show up clear, but here's the kicker: There may very well have been a mix-up, and Izzie could very well be dying. (Sad clown.) The good news for you Denny haters? Either way, Denny will be gone for good very soon, because Jeffrey Dean Morgan is leaving the show to shoot a new movie with Hilary Swank called Resident. How do we all feel about this? And do you want Heigl to stay? Comment below!

Deirdre: Is Addison going to hook up with McDreamy?
Survey says: No!

Katie in Abilene, Texas: Anything new on Gossip Girl?
Gossip Girl
is currently casting for a sexypants jet-setter with an accent. The character, Gabriel Serrano, will be either South American, Australian or a continental European. He's in his 20s, so he's probably meant to be a love interest for Blair, Vanessa or Serena, but I'm secretly rooting they age him down a little so Jenny can have a little fun for once.

Daniella in Pittsburgh: What's coming up on Gossip Girl? This season has been amazing so far!
As if a long lost sibling and declining admission to Yale isn't enough, Serena's insta-gal-pal Poppy Lifton is coming back to make her life even more difficult. I'm guessing another feature in Women's Wear Daily is not on her to-do list this time around? And Rufus is going to run into some money problems soon, but with Lily by his side that shouldn't be too big of an issue right? She could easily take care of those with a small loan from her Bass Industries inheritance!

Ellie in Otsego, Mich.: Anything new coming up on Fringe? It's been really good lately, giant zippy cold virus notwithstanding.
is really ramping up, isn't it? (If you dropped out last fall, give it another shot.) According to Mark Valley, who plays Olivia's (Anna Torv) dead boyfriend John Scott and who just married her in real life (still wrapping my head around that one!), "[The upcoming episodes] do answer some questions that have been lingering in my mind, like who [Scott's] been working for exactly, and he sort of confirms the truth of his feelings toward Olivia." Also in the next batch of eps, we'll learn a bit more about Massive Dynamic's ulterior motives. According to cocreator Bob Orci, "Massive Dynamic can use its power for good or for bad. A conspiracy can be a conspiracy for good as easily as it can be a conspiracy for evil." Hmmm?

Alexandra in Baltimore: Anything on One Tree Hill? Do you know yet if this is really the last season?
No word yet on if a decision has been made about a seventh season, but by the looks of the upcoming One Tree Hill eps, I'd say things are starting to wrap up in North Carolina. Julian is looking to take things to the next level with Brooke when he asks if she and Sam will move back to L.A. with him. Might Tree Hill's resident fashionista settle down in California for good? Millicent and Mouth are going to rekindle their adorkable love soon, too! And hell must have frozen over because after six seasons of abandonment, abuse and even murder, Dan is finally going to apologize to Nathan and Lucas for being such a terrible father.

Alyson Hannigan, Neil Patrick Harris, Cobie Smulders

Mathew Imaging/Getty Images

Katie in Dallas: Hey, Kristin, Ugly Betty scoop please!
Only the most shocking twist ever: Marc and Amanda make out! Think she can turn him? Yeah, probably not.

Brendan in Maui, Hawaii: Any chance we'll see Robin Sparkles again on How I Met Your Mother?
Unfortunately, due to Cobie Smulders' pregnancy, we won't actually get to hang out with Robin Sparkles until next season. Cobie says it'd be hard for another video to just appear, but executive producer Craig Thomas says, "There might not be a video. It may be something like a prequel, along the lines of how did she become Robin Sparkles, maybe next season." There is someone (or something) we will get to see this season though—the goat! Thomas adds, "The goat does appear in the season finale in a big way."

Sam in Mendocino, Calif.: Any scoop on tonight's How I Met Your Mother?
Yeah, Robin is in danger of getting deported. But before you get excited that might mean a shotgun wedding for Robarney, that's not going to happen. However, he is the one to save the day, so she has to repay him, right? Check next week's Watch With Kristin show for more scoop straight from the cast. 

Jessica Stroup, Shenae Grimes

Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

Jamie in Salt Lake City: Please give me some juicy scoop on 90210, Kristin!
Looks like all of the emotional turmoil Silver (Jessica Stroup) has been going through is going to get worse before it gets better. When she goes MIA, the gang launches a manhunt to find her that leads everyone to a train station, where one of our beloved 90210ers will end up in a sticky situation out on the tracks. Any guesses as to who it might be? Is that how they find Silver? Or maybe it's her man, Dixon, coming to the rescue!

Heather in Vancouver: I'm confused as to when Adrianna and Ty slept together on 90210. Was it before he and Annie dated?
Ty finds out he is the baby daddy in tomorrow night's episode, but we won't find out when the deed was done for a while. Adam Gregory tells me, "That will probably be revealed in later episodes, so we'll have to see how that unfolds." No doubt this will have an affect on Ty and Annie's friendship, or possible romance. "When it happened, how it happened plays a big part in Ty and Annie's little relationship," adds Gregory.

Kaitlyn in West Hollywood, Calif.: Any chance Nancy is not actually pregnant on Weeds?
Executive producer and creator Jenji Kohan tells me, "Slim? I believe she's pregnant."

Rachel in Los Angeles: Have you heard anything about Robert Buckley on Privileged?
He'll be stirring up some drama with the relationships on the show. Buckley says, "I mix things up. I definitely shake it up—I really, really make things hard for the guys in this show."

Rainn Wilson, The Office

NBC/Chris Haston

Mel in Columbia, Mo.: I'm so glad they started the Super Bowl ep of The Office with a heavy dose of Dwight. He is awesome. Any scoop on what's to come with our fave lovelorn beet farmer?
I hear The Office is now casting for Corwin, a friend of Dwight's who is "kind of weird." He'll work with Michael and Dwight and deliver a few lines in a gruff, serious manner. We can only hope this means another trip to Schrute Farms!

Cassie in Augusta, S.C.: Kristin, do you have any scoop about the last days of Prison Break?
The boys are going back to prison! The last episode of the season features scenes in a prison that include an inmate fight and a scene on death row as one prisoner is prepared for execution. Awww, just like the good ol' days.

Jon in Kokomo, Ind.: True Blood?
Teen vampires are all the rage, doncha know? True Blood is now casting for a vampire named Godric who was born sometime before Jesus but appears to be 15 years old. Hmmm, I wonder what Matt Dallas is doing now that Kyle XY is done?

Irene in Sioux City, Iowa: Anything new with my Winchester boys on Supernatural?
, god love 'em, is doing an ep entitled "Jump the Shark." The boys try to help an upstanding young man named Adam who has made an unexpected and sharp left turn in life. And by sharp left turn, I think they mean he turns into a brain-eating zombie, a blood-sucking vampire or something equally untoward.

Emily in Montrose, Colo.: You don't talk about it much, but anything on My Name Is Earl? I watch it with my family, and we all think it's hilarious.
In the season finale we'll meet Earl and Randy's obese Aunt Gail. Apparently when you're a Hickey and you've been bad, you get sent to stay with Aunt Gail as punishment.

Mal in Omaha, Neb.: I've heard Max will still be around on Greek.
Max has given up grad school for Casey, which he'll make a point of a lot, but when he goes out of town for a month, look for Cappie and Casey to get into some trouble.  

Bradford in Calabasas, Calif.: The Closer is finally back. Scoop please!
Brenda meets her new nemesis in the Feb. 9 episode called "Power of Attorney." He is an evil bastard, which makes for a fabulous showdown.

Lost: Jughead

Mario Perez/ABC

Jules in Waltham, Mass.: This isn't really a question, just something I'd like to share. The recent spate of Sawyer/Juliet spoilers have all but killed my interest in Lost. If you've got anything positive to share with Sawyer/Kate fans, now's the time, because it's really starting to look like a lost cause.
Don't give up hope yet, at least not before you see this promo where Sawyer announces that he's seen Kate in the jungle. Lots of good Skate angst is coming, I promise.

Kozmellah in Toronto: Hey, Kristin! I love the "Jughead" episode of Lost. It's possibly one of the best episodes ever. Could Mrs. Hawking be Daniel Faraday's mother?! What do you think?
Carlton did confirm that Mrs. Hawking is related to someone we already know. I think the odds are better than even that the person in question is Faraday?

Shelby in Folsom, Calif.: What is with the abrupt ending to the hot storyline between Wyatt Lockheart and Addison on Private Practice?
Wyatt got another job! Or rather, Jay Harrington, who plays Wyatt, got another job. He's going to be appearing on a new ABC comedy called Better Off Ted. Archer (Grant Show) is his replacement, and Archer's tumor is motivation for Thursday's big Grey's Anatomy-Private Practice crossover.

Kate Walsh, Grant Show, Grey's Anatomy


Sarah in Teaneck, N.J.: Anything on the Private Practice side of the crossover?
It turns out Archer's tumor is a lot more serious than anyone imagined. It's not a tumor at all—he has parasites on the brain. Archer refuses treatment until he cannot make the decision for himself, which is when Addison, Archer and Naomi fly off to Seattle.

Chris in Seattle: What's going on with Violet's baby?
Violet (Amy Brenneman) finally realizes she is pregnant this week when Dell lets her hear the heartbeat, but she has a panic attack. She is not ready to be a mother at all. The possible baby daddies will find out the news as well, and they're a little pissed she's left it up to Cooper to take care of her.

—Additional reporting by Jennifer Godwin, Natalie Abrams and Megan Masters

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