Mel Gibson, Haircut, Jimmy Kimmel Live


Mel Gibson is an Oscar-winning actor, director and...hairdresser?

He may not have a beauty license, but that didn't stop the 61-year-old star from taking some scissors to a stranger's head Thursday night on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Fortunately, he did have an ounce experience behind the chair.  

"I used to cut my children's hair when they were little. They didn't have a choice in the matter," Gibson recalled. "It wasn't a great job, but it got them through. They're still alive."

Assisted by the show's resident sidekick, Guillermo—who is also not a licensed cosmetologist—the men got to work on New Zealand native William's long and curly mane. 

"Get creative Mel! Go nuts with that," Kimmel advised as they cut to commercial. 

When the show returned, William had an extreme mullet. 

"That groaning from the audience—don't be discouraged by that," Kimmel comforted the stranger. Unfortunately, William had spent three years growing those tresses. "Pretty attached to it," he admitted. 

"You can still take it home with you," Kimmel promised. 

Once Gibson had buzzed the top and left the bottom long, the host thought it would only be fair if William got to shave the actor's beard. "I've never shaved a man before," William admitted. 

Nevertheless, he managed to carve out a handlebar mustache on the star's face. Gibson was actually a fan. 

"I like it!" he admitted before shedding the rest of his facial hair for a clean shave. 

Moral of the story: don't let Mel Gibson get near your hair. 

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