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Life and L Word star Sarah Shahi is having a baby!

Life show runner Rand Ravich tells me, "Sarah Shahi is pregnant. She's about four months pregnant." (Shahi's reps have not replied to a request for confirmation.)

Now, this means only good things for Sarah (congratulations, girl!), but what does this mean for Dani Reese and her partner Charlie Crews (Damian Lewis) on one of the best shows on television, NBC's cult hit Life?

Rand spills that Sarah's pregnancy means big changes for the show, including a separation for the partners and a new job for Reese...

In the coming eps, Dani Reese joins an FBI-LAPD joint task force on crime and is attached to that unit for the time being, in part to help moderate the show's demands on Sarah while she's pregnant.

Rand says, "[Sarah's pregnancy] is a challenge and a…challenge. Episodic television is a grueling schedule, and Sarah and Damian were practically in every scene together, and we certainly can't expect Sarah to work 15-hour days...So we were able to carve Sarah out of the main story a little bit—keeping her always related to Crews and always involved with Crews—and just give her some relief as well."

Damian Lewis, Sarah Shahi, Life

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Apparently the pregnancy coincided nicely with a schism that they were already planning between Crews and Reese. Says Rand, "We wanted to diverge their stories somewhat, to separate them geographically to make them start doubting each other, tear them apart somewhat. And then hopefully, if they can work it out, [we can] bring them back together in a stronger fashion."

But who will be Crews' partner while Reese is gone? I've got the dish on that and much more, so check back Wednesday morning for more Life. As for this current development, are you OK with some Reese-Crews alone time? Are you excited for Sarah? Post in the comments!

Life returns to NBC this Wednesday, Feb. 4 at 9 p.m. (Sarah is also set to appear in the series finale of her old show, The L Word, later this year.) If you haven't yet seen Life, please, check it out. It really is good television.

—Reporting by Jennifer Godwin

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