Kim Kardashian

Jae Donnelly/

While most American asses enjoyed last Sunday sequestered comfortably in easy chairs, sofas and hammocks as their masters watched the Super Bowl, Kim Kardashian's ass was unavailable for such leisurely pursuits. Kardashian revealed to People magazine that she would spend the day filming her own fitness DVD.

"It's going to be a grueling day," stated the curvaceous stunner. "There's a three-hour rehearsal where I have to do all the exercises over and over. So I'll be working out for hours on Sunday while all my friends are having fun."

Soup Blog reporters spoke with Kardashian's ass about the project.

"Why the hell she had to pick Super Bowl Sunday to do this is beyond me. I mean, I'm following this woman around all the time, suffocating in skintight jeans and getting slapped by Reggie Bush," stated the ass. "You'd think a hardworking keester might get to enjoy a little football once a year, but no way, Jose."

Added the ass, "I'm also male, by the way."

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