Starbucks Red Cups, 2016


Every year at Christmas time, the nation comes together to celebrate. We celebrate family, we celebrate the spirit of giving, and we also celebrate the spirit of being absurdly picky over the offerings at Starbucks. 

Yes, America has long held valued the red holiday cups more than, well, plenty of things that they should value instead of red holiday cups. Seeing those cups on display marks the beginning of the Christmas season, and also the beginning of a month-long period of griping at Starbucks. 

But today, ladies and gentleman, we're here to expose something far more egregious than the color of your latte container. We're here to expose the hilarious travesty that are the McDonald's holiday cups. 

Never ones to sit idly by while other fast food franchises soak up all the attention (and money), Mickey D's has yet again jumped in on the festive action. They released a new design for the McCafé, that features two pairs of mittens and the phrase "Warmest Greetings." 

How nice, how cozy, how perfectly Christmas-y. Right? Wrong. 

Thanks to the evil genius of Reddit and the Internet at large, we are now exposed to the optical illusion that is this pair of mittens. You see, all it took was one person to pencil in a pair of cartoon hands and you have something pretty NSFW and most definitely NSFChristmas. 

Take a closer look at the image above...or, really, just read the caption. Because while McDonald's tried to create a family friendly holiday cup of inclusion, it really just released a cup that pictured a person bending over and spreading their buttcheeks for all the world to see. 

Once you've gotten over the initial shock and horror and the subsequent nervous laughter, it's easy to see that we were kidding ourselves thinking there was even an inkling of controversy over at Starbucks. 

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