Chrissy Teigen

Randy Shropshire/Getty Images for LA Confidential

Chrissy Teigen is back to fighting off the Twitter trolls, except this time she's doing it face to face—well, digitally. 

After fielding social media backlash for wearing a high-cut gown to the American Music Awards, Teigen put the flack behind her and took to Twitter for a Thanksgiving-themed Q&A session with fans. Unfortunately, on the Internet, there can't be good without the bad. 

In between inquiries about how many side dishes to prepare and tips for deep frying a turkey, the television personality also fielded inappropriate questions about the size of her bum as compared to a turkey and if she ever has had intercourse with the bird. We wish we were kidding. 

Fortunately, Teigen is not unexperienced when it comes to digital trolls, so she added an extra sting to her responses by delivering them personally in short videos. 

"Only some dumb ass on Twitter could find a way to work in some kind of comment about my ass into a Thanksgiving Q&A, so I appreciate that. It was very creative," she responded. "Yes, it is much bigger. It's 22 pounds. I wish I had an ass like that, I guess, but sorry!"

After years of dealing with outlandish comments from followers, Teigen has developed the perfect strategy. "Write them back so they delete their accounts," Teigen suggested to one fan who asked her how she handles the haters. "Happens every time like clockwork, baby."

Despite the bad eggs in the conversation, overall the foodie had such a great time hosting the Q&A, she ended up going an hour over schedule. "I had a really good time, so I love you guys. Thank you for asking everything possible," she concluded. 

In the process, fans got the chance to learn her current favorite song (Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj's "Side to Side"), which food she absolutely hates ("beets are trash") and if the seasoned cook has ever burnt a meal. "Of course! We all make mistakes and I get really insecure sometimes in the kitchen, but you learn and you do it again," Teigen admitted. "Whatever! Who cares? Just have fun."

Those are definitely words to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. 

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