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Before you escape the cold this winter, you're going to need a new suit.

It's kind of funny: You wait all summer for cooler weather (because who doesn't love wearing cozy sweaters and tall boots), then when it comes time for snowfall you're ready to get the heck out. Amirite?

So, by now you've already planned that tropical getaway to a relaxing resort where sunbathing and sipping piña coladas is a thing. All you need now is to pack...that is until you realize your old beachwear just won't do. And the dilemma ensues.

You're now torn between saving whatever money you have leftover to spend on presents for friends and family and getting yourself a new bathing suit (or three) for this booked vacation.

The good news? There are some serious sales to be shopped when it comes to buying swimwear in the fall and early winter.

So here are 14 reasons why you need to buy swimsuits on salestat. Just click here.

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