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Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford's affair only came to light this week thanks to Fisher's revelation in her new memoir, The Princess Diarist, but she and her Star Wars co-star were almost caught many years ago.

Fisher also reveals in her third book that Mark Hamill nearly caught them. "Once, on one of the rare occasions when we did have a sleepover at Harrison's apartment, Mark...dropped by unannounced," she writes, noting that it was 11 a.m. "Clearly I hadn't just dropped by for brunch."

But the ever-suave Ford played it off like there was nothing unusual going on by holding Fisher's hand and declaring to Hamill, "We're engaged."

"It was hiding in plain slight," Fisher recalls in her book, "mocking the suggestion there was anything going on...a technique I like to use to this day."

Well, it's a tactic that worked because Hamill was thrown off the scent!

Princess Leia doesn't get into too much detail about the love affair because she claims she doesn't recall much as a result of persistent marijuana use. "It is the memory loss that comes with marijuana use," she writes.

She does recall, however, feeling insecure in the arms of the Indiana Jones star. "I looked over at Harrison. A hero's face—a few strands of hair fell over his noble, slightly furrowed brow," she writes. "How could you ask such a shining specimen of a man to be satisfied with the likes of me?"

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