Ryan Reynolds sure picked up some valuable childbirth tips—from experience.

Not his personal experience, obviously. In a video posted by GQ, the actor, who shares two daughters with actress Blake Lively, offers five valuable pieces of advice for people with pregnant partners in labor. The clip was posted Thursday, more than a month after Reynolds and his wife welcomed their second child.

"Be in the room! You're not Don Draper,'" the actor says, referring to the sexist character Jon Hamm played in the hit '60s-themed AMC drama series.

"I think, be judicious with the photographs you take because, you know, a photo of your daughter crowning hanging on the refrigerator, that's not going to help anyone," he adds. "And when your wife asks if everything's okay down there, you know, just respond in the affirmative. Don't yell, 'Better than ever!'"

Reynolds does speak from experience—in a 2015 Conan interview, the actor talked about witnessing Lively give birth to their first daughter, James.

"I was there in the delivery room. I mean, I was there for the conception of the child, so I thought the least I could do is be there in the delivery room," he joked. "I'm not going to lie to you, I saw things. But, amazing!"

"I was just a terrible coach," he added. "There was a lot of kind of, clapping. I went for a couple of high fives."

Lively, he said, was a "mercenary" during childbirth.

"At one point in the middle of the delivery, the doctor's cellphone went off and she said, 'Oh, no. Go ahead, take a personal call. Feel free.' She was cracking jokes in the delivery room," Reynolds said. "She may have been on drugs, but I don't ask personal questions."

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