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Have you visited your favorite fast food restaurant in celebration of today's holiday? If you weren't aware, it's National Fast Food Day, and right up there with every holiday ever, it's one of the most important days of the year. Why? It's the perfect excuse to leave your diet behind and dine on some serious snacks. Since this is such an exquisite day in our life, regular menu items just will not do. Behold the secret menu. Nearly every fast food restaurant, and even some sit-down and beverage joints, have a hidden menu. While they rarely publicize any of these items, if you know how to order them, you can indulge. breaks down our secret menu roundup for your face-stuffing pleasure. Bone apple tea.

1. KFC. The first monstrosity on our list is the Triple Down. It's a play on the menu's Double Down (which, disgustingly enough, is a real thing). Instead of the normal version, which is a bacon and cheese sandwich surrounded by two fried chicken patties, this baby features three pieces of chicken instead. The higher the chicken stack, the closer the heart attack.

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2. McDonald's. If you're willing to risk a radical stomach ache post-meal, this beast is for you. It's called the Land, Sea and Air burger, and, as you might guess, features a beef patty (land), a Filet-o-Fish (sea) and a slab of chicken (air). Good luck with this.

3. Burger King. People refer to this secret menu item as the Suicide Burger. You can also order it by its other, less horrifying name, The Quad Stacker. Get your Tums ready for a whopping (pun intended) four patties of beef. Pencil in some serious toilet time after.

4. Taco Bell. - The Incredible Hulk gets its name from the pile of green guac inside. If you want to experience avocado goodness without that whole "guac is extra" thing, this should be your T-Bell go to. This is a giant burrito consisting of five layers. Open wide, friends.

Post Workout Meal #meatmountain

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5. Arby's. If you've ever dreamed of swimming in a pile of meat, you're in luck. The Meat Mountain is made for that.

6. Subway. Apparently, the Pizza Sub used to be a real menu item but has since been discontinued. Thanks to the magic of secret menus, you can order it on the sly. Forget everything you know about Subway trying to be healthy.

Meet the 5 layer baconator. I call it the #terminator #wendys #meatcube #mayfair #food

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7. Wendy's. We cannot bring ourselves to deal with the name of this burger. The Meat Cube couldn't have described this better.

8. Chipotle. If one of those brick-sized burritos just doesn't cut it for you, try the secret menu Burritodilla. It's pretty much a quesadilla, partial fillings of a standard burrito, surrounded by a mountain of cheese. Yum?

Chicken Stuffed Star from the new #carlsjr #secretmenu #hackthemenu #fastfood #burger #foodporn

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9. Carl's Jr. The Chicken Stuffed Star is another pile of meat waiting to be loved by your stomach and mouth. Order the Super Star burger and then ask for a fried chicken patty in the middle. We hope your doctor is on speed dial. 

#chickfila spicy chicken, egg & cheese biscuit - #breakfast #hackthemenu #chicken #yum

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10. Chick-fil-A. We present to you the Spicy Chicken, Egg & Cheese Biscuit. It's definitely not as wild looking as the rest of the options, but who doesn't love a breakfast menu hack?

Happy National Fast Food Day! 

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