Things may not be looking so good for fans of Stiles after tonight's Teen Wolf premiere, but fear not!

In this season six super tease, exclusive to E! News, Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) definitely still exists, despite having been erased from existence by the Ghost Riders. The questions of how, where, and how do we get him back are all still to be answered, but for now at least, we know he's not gone forever, and that he could be doing something a lot worse than hanging out with Peter Hale (Ian Bohen).

Tonight's premiere wasted little time in introducing us to the new fearful big bads, who remind us of Sleepy Hollow-style Headless Horsemen, but with heads, who can only be seen by people they've already started erasing. 

At first, it seemed as if Stiles was just having a little trouble accepting the fact that graduation is just on the horizon. He thought he filled out the forms for his school picture, but they were blank. He didn't realize there was lacrosse practice, and was dismayed to see that his jersey had been given away. When he finally figured out what was happening, there was nothing he could even think to do other than grab Lydia and make sure she would remember him. 

Teen Wolf, Season 6


It was heartbreaking watching as Stiles ran up to his friends, Mrs. Martin, and even his dad, only for them to have no idea who he was, but at least he still had Lydia, who promised she wouldn't forget him. 

"Just remember, I love you," he whispered just before a ghost rider pulled him out of his jeep. The next day, Stiles was gone, and it seemed like only Lydia felt like something was off. 

Of course, in the teaser above, it's clear that Scott (Tyler Posey) and the rest of his pack eventually figure out that they've forgotten someone named Stiles, but they might have even bigger problems on their hands. There's are new creatures in town, Malia's getting shot, the ghost riders are appearing to entire parties full of people, and Theo (Cody Christian) has somehow returned to terrorize us all. 

For those of you worried about the potential lack of Stiles, whether because he's been erased from existence or because Dylan O'Brien was busy with his blossoming movie career or recovering from his on-set injury, Tyler Posey totally feels you, and has this message for you: 

"It's gonna be OK, babies. It's gonna be OK.  I know how much you guys are connected with Dylan, and I know how much you love him, but Dylan is one of my best friends. So I miss him quite terribly sometimes, but I'm letting you know I make it through it OK. So if I'm gonna be OK, you are gonna be OK. I promise. I promise." 

Teen Wolf airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on MTV. 

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