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This week on The Walking Dead, we got our first glimpse at life at Alexandria now that everyone's under Negan's thumb. And—what do you know!—everything was completely awful.

Everyone was appropriately shell shocked when we caught up with them, just in time for Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) to arrive earlier than advertised, alongside 50 of his favorite Saviors to ransack Alexandria and take everything Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and the gang had left. And we do mean everything: Mattresses, furniture, every single gun in the armory, a video camera with Grizzly Adams Rick talking about killing people. Curiously, he left all their food. We guess starving people aren't the best to continually gather stuff for you to just take from them.

In the end, though, Rosita's (Christian Serratos) still managed to hang on to the empty gun she found on a walker while out collecting Darryl's (Norman Reedus) bike for Dwight (Austin Amelio) with Spencer (Austin Nichols). She showed up at Eugene's (Josh McDermitt) door in the final minutes holding the empty shell that Negan left behind after shooting out a window for no good reason. "Make me a bullet," she demanded. This can't end well.

While the episode did little else besides giving us yet another reminder that Negan is a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad guy who feels the most comic book-y of all the characters to leap from the source material to the TV show, there were a few interesting developments. When Negan made his stomach-churning request over Maggie's (Lauren Cohan) whereabouts, Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) proved that he isn't completely useless after all with some very quick thinking (and even quicker digging) that convinced the villain that the mom-to-be died as well.

Carl (Chandler Riggs) reminded us that he's the worst when he pulled a gun on the Savior taking all of Alexandria's medicine, playing tough despite having been there when Negan murdered two of his friends and almost losing his hand in the process. Read the room, Carl. And get a haircut, too.

And Spencer revealed himself to be the most vocal of the growing numbers of Alexandrians who don't trust Rick's leadership anymore. "That's it. It's over. This is our life now. This is where Rick got us," he told Rosita. "Maybe if Rick thought it through, it would be different. People might still be with us. This is where are. We just got to learn to live with it."

Though, as Rick made clear, he's given up total control to Negan. "There is no way out of this," he told his people as he attempted to root out the two missing guns that put Olivia's life in peril. "Let me put this to you all as clearly as I can: I'm not in charge anymore. Negan is.

With Rick giving up, who will rise up and take charge to lead the fight against Negan? That remains to be seen, but something tells us Michonne (Danai Gurira) isn't going to accept this new reality as easily as Rick hopes.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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