Teen Jeopardy Meme


Please meet your new Jeopardy/life hero. Her name is Sabrina, and she was recently a contestant on Teen Jeopardy. Although she didn't take home a winning stack of cash, she still managed to finish off the game in an epic fashion. When it came down to the Final Jeopardy round, Sabrina found herself stumped for an answer. Under the category of Natural Wonders, the contestants were asked, "Roughly half the size of Texas, it's the largest structure made by living creatures and can even be seen from space." Instead of feeling defeated, as many contestants probably do, Sabrina made the best of her incorrect answer. When it came around to her turn, Alex Trebek read her question, "What are...THOSE?" Mic drop meme queen. Were any of us this cool as a teenager? Yeah, definitely not. If you're not up-to-date on your social media references, don't worry; we break it down. 

Her hilarious answer comes from a video (which has since paved the road for many copycat clips) in which a man points his camera at a police officer's (not chic) shoes. Despite the fact that a woman he appears to know is getting arrested right in front of him, he asks, "Officer, I got one question for you..." and proceeds to shout the infamous question that will ring in our ears for years to come. The rest is meme history.

Although it's unclear as to whether they understood the reference, the audience erupted with laughter, and Trebek let out a little chuckle. As for Sabrina, the full video shows her answer left her with $45, as she wagered $9,555 of her $9,600. At the end of the day, does the money really matter? There's nothing quite like meme fame, and we're pretty sure this clip will go down in internet history. In our eyes, and the eyes of basically anyone who's tweeted about her, she's the true winner. Congrats, Sabrina. You're officially the hippest person on the internet right now. 

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