Not even joking: We could totally move in to Heather Dubrow's ginormous, immaculately organized closet.

The Real Housewives of Orange County star is inviting fans into her luxurious lair with her new YouTube series, Heather's Closet. Heather's had many closets throughout her lifetime, but she's the first to admit this one is a major "upgrade" from some of the smaller ones she still loved as a kid.

"This is the place that I'm so proud of and I love being in and you know what? It's the place I like to hang out," says Heather. "This is the one room in my house that's mine. I have padlocked deadbolts on the door. No one has the combination, no one's allowed to come in but the people I bring in so it's a very special place to me."

And because hubby Dr. Terry Dubrow has man caves, Heather decided this closet is her "version of a man cave. It's my girl cave."

Now, we can't all have girl caves like Heather, but we can benefit from her wisdom. The RHOC star is letting fans in on her style and organization secrets. "I'm going to teach you how I pack," she says. "I'm going to give you tips on how to take something that's not expensive and make it look really expensive, and how to protect your good things."

Admittedly, though, even Heather has plenty of closet "quirks!" See for yourself in the first installment of Heather's Closet above.

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