Beverly Hills 90210


Hold onto your floppy embroidered hats, because something incredibly legendary is going down this weekend. Or, should we say, something, like, totally fly. Word. 

In the incredibly lucky city of Chicago, the cast of Beverly Hills, 90210 will be gathering for a reunion for the first time in over twenty years. Two decades! 240 months! That's a long time to go without seeing Donna, Brandon, Luke, Kelly and everyone else all in the same room together. The occasion is not only epic, but perhaps one of the biggest shots of nostalgia fans have had in a while.

It's not that the West Beverly High gang ever really left our hearts—most people think about them at least once a day. (Right guys?) But a reunion of this sort is just begging for a trip down memory lane. There's so much to talk about with this show: The girl squads, the fashion, the fact that they lived pretty amazing lives. The memory that stands out the most, though is all that deliciously over-the-top drama. It's what kept us coming back week after week, despite how overacted or overwritten it was; that's what made it so entertaining. As such, it's time to rank our favorite dramatic story lines. 

5. The "Donna Martin Graduates" Protest

Otherwise known as Donna-Shows-Up-Drunk-to-Graduation-and-the-School-Doesn't-Want-to-Let-Her-Onstage. And honestly? The school was probably right. You can't just be showing up to high school all buzzed off of wine coolers. But the passion with which the entire student body rallies behind her, prepared to flunk out themselves just for her cause, is perfectly representative of how melodramatic teenagers can be. 

4. Brenda Loses Her Virginity

Handling a virginity episode is always tricky business in television writing—we all remember the boring disaster that was the much-hyped threesome on Gossip Girl. This moment had all the makings to be rife with tension: It was the spring dance (already stressful in and of itself; do you remember what teen dances were like?), Kelly was crowned Spring Queen over Brenda, and, well, Brenda and Dylan were going all the way for the first time. But in perhaps a slightly too tied-up-with-a-bow result, Brenda was just so jazzed to finally thrown away her V-card that she put aside any feelings of envy or jealousy towards her BFF and was instead a totally gracious loser. 

3. Brandon Gets Drugged

Every teen drama has to tackle substance abuse (or, for the Full Houses of the genre, substance use), and leave it to the edgy 90210 to grab the bull by the horns and add an ecstasy story line. The best part about it was that it happened to Brandon without his permission. Viewers were already skeptical of his then-girlfriend (that should be "girlfriend") because of her penchant for breaking the rules (or the law) at any given time. But then she took the group to an underground rave that, if we do say so ourselves, looked pretty fun, before she proceeded to slip B a happy pill. She turned out to be totally crazy, if you'll recall, because she later burned down a parade float, and everyone realized they probably shouldn't ever go to raves, and definitely not with people who are a little shady.

2. Amanda Has an Eating Disorder for One Night

The short-lived (as in less than an episode long) is a hallmark of '90s television. Perhaps nothing will be as epic as the time DJ Tanner skipped lunched and got yelled at by her entire family (which, no offense Tanners, but that probably isn't the way to handle it), but the 90210 take was pretty good. Brenda throws a slumber party and decides to invite Amanda Pacer, who has a huge attitude and spends the entire night making fun of the other girls for their dumb sleepover. She explodes at them for eating junk food, storms out, and then the girls look through her purse and find a bunch of diet pills. But since this is television, they confront her, share a group hug, and then all share a good old-fashioned ice cream binge.  

1. Dylan's Wife Is Murdered

Guys, she's freaking murdered! They're all married and happy and then she goes out for a drive in Dylan's car with an (admittedly odd) head scarf that kind of obscures her face and she's mistaken for Dylan and she gets shot! A whole bunch of times! By, if we remember correctly, a thug her father hired to shoot her husband instead! It's all drama-ed up with the fact that it's dark out, it's raining, she's driving down windy roads and some very eerie music is playing the entire time. 

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