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Food Week, Theme Week

There are two words that could turn any movie upside down: Yes, we're thinking "food fight."

Whether in the school cafeteria or in a giant kitchen, these battles get messy, ugly and pretty darn entertaining.

And while some may be presented on TV shows that pit two cooks together for a "food fight,"  there's nothing like a big production filled with food, drinks, condiments and everything in between.

As Food Week at E! News comes to a close, we're taking a look at some of the most memorable food fights that occurred on the big screen.

Dare we say that a part of us wishes we were a part of these dirty deeds?

Matilda, Gif


1. Matilda
Sometimes, enough is enough. When the students couldn't take the nastiness of Miss Trunchbull, they banded together with Matilda for some messy revenge. With nowhere to go, the school's principal got a taste of her own medicine when food came at her from all directions.

2. It Takes Two
In the 1995 family friendly film, Kirstie Alley and Steve Guttenberg's characters thought they were enjoying an afternoon lunch. But when Amanda (played by both Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen) started some trouble, all bets were off in this cafeteria.

3. Whip It
Don't mess with someone's milkshake. Roller derby rivalries reached a whole new level when newcomer Ellen Page's character was thrown some food on her face. What came next was an epic scene that concluded with Drew Barrymore throwing a fresh baked pie in somebody's face. Excuse us, we would have liked a taste of that.

4. Hook
In the 1991 film, Robin Williams started a war during Neverland's dinner time. Despite everyone getting drenched from head to toe, every person regardless of age couldn't help but display a giant smile on their face when it all went down.

5. National Lampoon's Animal House

"I'm a zit. Get it?" When John Belushi was feeling down and appeared at the local diner, he decided to stir the pot just a bit when he spit out his food in front of some local cuties. Plates were thrown, food was tossed and his character was able to flash a giant smile.

Honorable mentions include Kung Fu Panda and all that whipped cream in Bugsy Malone.

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