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Guac lovers unite. The end is near for soaring avocado prices, and it's time to celebrate. The hearts of thousands were filled with joy when @Whole30 posted the beautiful news to their Instagram. "In a world full of negative news stories, one story rises above them all," captioned a still from a news broadcast which stated, "Avocado prices expected to drop." This news is possibly better than coming home to a tub full of puppies swimming in your favorite rosé. Well, maybe that's a little unsanitary but who's watching, right?

Back to avocados. That Instagram post now has over 10,000 likes and comments that are literally all of us. You know, like "Yeeeeessssss!!!!!!!," and "Hell yessssss!!!" In case you weren't aware, this news is a big deal. "Love me some good news!," another commented. "This gives me hope," wrote another.

Why were avocado prices so high in the first place? 

And Whole30'ers everywhere rejoice #youmightbewhole30 #IAmWhole30 #Whole30

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To put it simply, there just weren't enough to go around. Now, CNBC notes, supplies have started going up again which means those pesky high prices will most likely drop in the coming weeks. Advisor Ramon Paz, for the Avocado Producers and Exporting Packers Association of Mexico, stated, "The brief delay in shipment of avocados from Mexico has been resolved, and as a result, pricing is returning to seasonal levels." Amen to that! The avo shortage got so bad for a minute, you guys. 

Some restaurants and grocery stores experienced shortages. Prices even doubled in certain instances and, of course, guac suffered too. Thankfully, it seems as though we are out of the darkness with this one, and only good things are on the horizon. Whether or not guac will still be extra at Chipotle is a mystery at this point, but it's better than no guac at all, wouldn't you agree? Go ahead and eat your avocado toast guilt-free today, friends. Avocados are back. 

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