Pets Who Voted, 2016 Election

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Last night was quite the stressful night no matter who won your vote. One thing is for sure, however. It's time to take a chill pill from all of the election drama and let these adorable political pets win our hearts instead. Everyone likes pets, right? For one minute of this day, let's all come together as one to enjoy some of the cutest, fluffiest puppies and kitties this side of the internet. You won't regret it. Technically, of course, these animals didn't actually vote but its fun and cute to pretend they did, okay? You know it's true. Look at them go! All dolled up in their "I Voted" stickers. Aww. Pets always make a bad day brighter and a good day even better, you know? Besides, these are a nice change from all of the "I voted" selfies from friends and fam that flooded your social media yesterday.

Sure you're glad that so many people voted and all, but nothing beats a little fuzzy puppy pretending to do human stuff, you know? We know you know it's true. "Don't Bark. Vote!" one tweet wrote. Another posted on Instagram, with the hashtag #DogsWhoVote, a picture of their pup, "I helped my human vote by guarding her vote by mail ballot in her bag on the walk to the polling place."  Finally, one Instagrammed, "Better late than never! But proud to say that I got to stand in line with Mom & Dad & help them vote!' Aww. Man's best friend, for real!

Because two voting doggies are better than one.

Wrote my own name in and I suggest you write it in as well... ??#ImWithHam #DogsWhoVote

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A gentle reminder.

Maui wishes he could vote! #rockthevote #petswhovote

A photo posted by Lara (@rockherlara) on

And sometimes we wish we could eat cat food. 

Aww. Same with all of these fuzzy buddies, TBH. 

#vote #animalswhovote

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Take it easy today, friends! You deserve this much needed animal-loving break. 

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