Meghan Markle might be dating a prince, but she's already a queen...of social media!

That's right, just when you thought you couldn't be more in favor (or more envious) ofPrince Harry's 35-year-old girlfriend, it turns out she's one of those perfect, Instagram savvy chicks, too—with a whopping 1.2 million followers at that.

But if you're not one of the million people who have already clicked the follow button on the Los Angeles-native, we've racked up a whole list of 19 reasons you need to:

My loves #adoptdontshop #happysunday

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1. All Da Doggies: We all know the best thing anyone can ever share on social media is anything that has to do with animals. Meghan is no novice when it comes to sharing precious pics of her puppies—which she adopted, of course!—and we're so glad she does. Can you even handle those cute, little faces?!

Breakfast of champs ???? #breakfast #TheTig

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2. Foodporn: The second most important feature any popular Instagrammer must share is, of course, food. The actress is a perfectionist when it comes to taking snaps of her snacks.

Are you following my travel adventures on my site @thetigofficial? I hope so :)

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3. Farmer's Market Adventures: Along the same lines as being a foodie, Meghan also checks off another big box: she's a farmer's market guru. We can't wait to see photos of her and Harry holding hands while perusing the strawberries.

Yes. #foodforthought

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4. Inspirational Quotes: No Instagram would be complete without some pieces of advice, encouragement and motivation. Meghan appears to be a big fan of spreading kindness and lifting people up by continuously reminding them how beautiful they are.

5. Motivation to Do Good: Not only does she speak on inspiration, but she acts on it, too. The actress is an advocate for UN women and has volunteered across the globe, including a recent trip to Rwanda.

6. Lots of Flowers and Bouquets: The actress is not only a foodie, an animal-lover and a do-gooder, but she's practically a florist, too. She's always sharing beautiful floral bundles and bouquets.

Moment of zen #positano #pool #Italy #vacation #girlstrip (photo cred: @jessicamulroney ) ???? @lesirenuse

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7. Trips and Travels: Born in Los Angeles, living in Toronto and trotting the globe, Meghan has pictures for all different areas of the world that will make you want to book a ticket ASAP.

8. LA Scenes: Not only does she snap pretty shots of her travels, but she also makes sure people know how much she appreciates her LA home, too. And there's no better way to capture the City of Angels than a solid palm tree pic!

9. Fashion Must-Haves: She's a queen when it comes to style (she gives Kate Middleton a run for her money!), and she always makes sure to update her followers on her OOTDs. 

High heels organized ?? Thanks for the closet inspiration @jessicamulroney #sickinbedphotoseries #boredtotears #shoes

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10. Shoes. Shoes. Shoes: A girl after our own heart, Meghan's kind of a shoe hoarder, and we love her for it.

The prettiest tile I ever did see #positano #Italy #travel #girlstrip #eatpraylove #lesirenuse

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11. She Has This Thing With Floors: She's a tough competitor for the popular Instagram account that's entirely dedicated to photos of shoes and floors—as she should be! The girl certainly needs an excuse to show off her vast shoe collection.

Regram from @iamangelademo

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12. Support for Humanity: She always shares her support during major world events—be it the U.S. election, a global campaign or heartbreaking acts at home or abroad. 

Take me back. #daydreaming

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13. Hot Dogs or Legs: Meghan is a fan of the hot-dogs-for-legs photos...but it's not so basic when you add a glass of rosé beside turquoise waters, right?!

Loving @drakeoncake from @joythebaker ????

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14. Love for Drake: It's hard for us to love her even more than we already do, but the fact that she's a fan of Drake is making it easy.

Cheers, dears! ??

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15. She's Just Like Us: She knows what it's like to force herself to get through a Tuesday afternoon...and seek out some tequila stat.

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16. Books: Aside from her hobbies of perfect plating and floral arrangements, the girl is a total book worm! Need a new read? She's got you covered. Oh, and look...Another floor photo!

You'll appreciate this @whatweseee ?? #cheeky

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17. The Realness: She's not afraid to be herself—silly and sexy and feminine. 

Always buy yourself flowers. Especially if they're #peonies #sickinbedphotoseries

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18. Home Decor: She not only fashions herself with perfection, but her home is chic, too!

19. She Blogs:  Finally, one of the most important things an Instagram influencer can have is a blog. Meghan joins Serena Williams, Priyanka Chopra and more in sharing her world in words on The Tig.

Have we thoroughly convinced you to click follow yet? Sound off in the comments below! 

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