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It's time to vote! Except, you're starving and can't wait in line with a hangry stomach. You'll definitely pull up and turn right back out of your polling place when you see the snackless, hour-long line. Bad news. Pizza to the Polls was created to combat just that. What is it? If the outcome of the election isn't motivation enough for you to wait out the long lines at your polling place, perhaps pizza will keep you. Whatever works! Their website notes, "Americans are hungry for democracy and are turning out in record numbers to vote. But that means long lines and sometimes empty stomachs, which might discourage these brave patriots from performing their civic duty. Fortunately, Pizza to the Polls is here to deliver the one thing that pairs so perfectly with freedom: piping hot 'za. Send us reports of long lines, and we'll send in the delicious reinforcements."

There you have it! Now you officially have one less excuse for not voting. So far, over 600 pizzas have been delivered to polling places in Florida, Illinois and more. Getting free pizza is easy. If you're stuck in a massive line, all you have to do is Tweet, DM, or submit a form for pizza on the Pizza to the Polls site. No, you're not dreaming. You can actually order pizza right to your polling line. This election season has been pretty wild, and what better way to relax before you vote than with a cheesy slice. 

If you've already voted but happen to see a long line at a polling place, or just want to give extra money to fund future pizza deliveries, you can make a donation on their website as well. According to their Twitter, it looks like they even delivered breakfast burritos and bagels for voters this morning! Well played. It appears that if ordering via their site becomes bottlenecked, people are more than welcomed to order pizzas to the polls on their own, and send the organization their receipts. Moral of the story? Voting is always better with pizza. 


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