Katherine Waterston, The Late Show


Sometimes nepotism isn't enough.

Katherine Waterston is the daughter of the great Law & Order star Sam Waterston, but that little factoid didn't help her while trying to nab a guest role on the long-running series. "I'm literally the only actress who lived in New York City who could not get hired for that show," she told Stephen Colbert on The Late Show Monday.

Even though her dad was the star of the show, Katherine never succeeded in appearing on the series. Her brother and sister, however, did. But Colbert was quick to remind her that she has come along way by getting one of the leads in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

"I showed you, Law & Order!" she joked. 

Now that she has become part of J.K. Rowling's magical world, Katherine must know tons of secrets about Fantastic Beasts, right? Not so fast. Katherine revealed that even the cast is kept in the dark about the franchise's biggest secrets, so she couldn't spill the beans even if she wanted to."

"They don't tell us anything probably because they're so afraid we're going to gossip about it," she told the late-night host. "Just last week we had this fan event in London and J.K. Rowling walked onto the stage. They didn't even tell us she was going to be there."

But the Rowling surprises didn't stop there. 

"Then she told the audience that we were going to make a fifth film. We thought maybe we'd make four," she shared. "I was sitting there on stage and all the actors had their jaws on the ground, and I was just thinking maybe there was some kind of stem cell lab in Switzerland that I could go to dip my whole body in to stay well preserved to get to the fifth film.

"I just imagine me and Eddie Redmayne with our walkers and wands trying to stop a bad guy."

Little did Katherine know that Colbert had some tricks up his own sleeve. Pulling out a set of stick-on eyebrows, Colbert asked Katherine to do her best impression of her famous father.

"It's the law!" she said, with The Late Show providing Law & Order's signature "dun dun." And that's when Sam walked out onto the set to surprise his daughter.

Watch the video to see Katherine's amazing reaction!

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