Married to Medicine Houston

Michael Larsen/Bravo

They say everything is bigger in Texas and it may just apply to the Married to Medicine franchise.

In a week filled with plenty of highly anticipated Bravo premieres—hello Vanderpump Rules and Real Housewives of Atlanta—tonight brings a new series that may just have reality TV fans talking.

Yes, we're talking about the series premiere of Married to Medicine Houston.

We had the chance to talk with cast member Dr. Ashandra Batiste about why we need to add another Bravo show to our viewing to-do list. We'll tell you straight up, she brought up a pretty good case.

From rocky relationships to big personalities, take a look at why this series may deserve a check-in for any reality TV fan.

Big Personalities, Big Drama: If you're expecting a group of women to get along all day, every day, this may not be the show for you. "Honey first off, we're all women. Secondly, we're all women who in our respective careers and homes are bosses and smart and know everything," Dr. Ashandra shared. "There's no way we can all get along in anything at any point because we have six or seven or eight different opinions and they're all right. We're always right."

Relationship 101: In the season trailer, drama is already brewing between some of the couples. But for Dr. Ashandra and her husband, things are pretty perfect compared to others. "If we're going to compare my relationship to that hot mess, then honey, we are cool. We are chilling, we are ice," she joked to E! News. "Some of my castmates relationships are hot messes like hot like gumbo, hot like ramen noodles."

Some Prepared Themselves: Dr. Ashandra admits that she watched the original Married to Medicine from the very beginning. As a result, she had a sense of what was coming when she signed up. "These women are very bold and very smart and know what they want and they are type A and in that sense, Married to Medicine Houston is the exact same way," she explained. "We're all smart, we're all bold but we're different primarily because of age—we're all still pretty young in our careers."

Group Love: Whether it's a charity event or group dinner, this cast will find themselves hanging out together regardless of their friendships status. Plenty of peace and love, right? Not so fast. "You can probably predict that there are some uncomfortable, tense moments at several functions," Dr. Ashandra teased. "These ladies, including myself, are definitely colorful, and say what they need to say."

Friends First: Instead of coming into the group without knowing anyone, Dr. Ashandra and Rachel Suliburk had a foundation that only grew during the season. "Rachel and I's friendship is way stronger now because of the craziness that we went through together," she shared. "If it doesn't break you, it makes you stronger. We were a buddy blossom and now we're a full bouquet."

Married to Medicine Houston premieres Friday night at 9 p.m. only on Bravo.

(E! and Bravo are part of the NBCUniversal family)

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