Vanderpump Rules is back! Hurrah! And we will never not look at James Kennedy without wanting to throw cranberry juice in his face. Just sayin'.

In what was one of the rudest moments ever (and that's saying something!) on Vanderpump Rules, James made his grand entrance by fat-shaming Katie and throwing his drink on her and the group (in a very NTSF, ejaculatory way). So. Not. Cool. 

And yet, it was the pre-wedding drama between Katie and Tom Schwartz  we saw in the teaser that has us really concerned, especially after sitting down today for high tea with the queen herself, Lisa Vanderpump, in our E! News studio, and hearing that after what ever drama that happens happened, Tom and Katie are not the same. 

"Something big went down, and I think it changed things," Vanderpump replied when asked how she would describe Tom and Katie now, after the season ended. "So yeah. You won't get to see that til the end, but you're going to have a hell of a ride getting there, that's for sure."

The Katie-Tom drama will be the focal point of much of the season, according to Lisa, and filled with some high highs and low lows. "The journey toward the wedding was pretty much a roller coaster and I got involved more than I normally would, because it just seemed so complicated, the scenario…Sometimes when they were together, it was quite sad in some ways. But it's a journey, and I think people will be invested in what transpires this season, definitely. Ultimately, they got married, so we do know the ending."

What we don't know is whether James can find any way to redeem himself after his horrendous body-shaming, drink-jacking (not sure how to describe it?!) moment, in which he mocked Katie for not working on her "summer body" and asked if she's pregnant.

"How can he fat shame her when she's like a size 6 or 4 and she's a beautiful woman and he's a skinny little runt?!" Lisa scoffed in between bites of dainty tea sandwiches in our E! News studio. "I chastised him about that, yes. James, and you see, he literally lost it, very tearful and I think he was going through something really traumatic in his eyes."

Vanderpump, who also serves as an executive producer, said producers did not consider leaving out the fat-shaming moment, because, "To Katie, it shouldn't be embarrassing because people have accused me of being things and I'm always like, ‘Consider the source, nobody's going to think it's true!' There's no discussion about whether it should be shown. If it's a component of the dynamic and it changes the dynamic, it's your reality that's happening and it's your responsibility as a producer to try and tell the true story. We might not show the best moments but we definitely show the worst!"

As for what's ahead for Brittany and Jax in light of the Kristen and Brittany rumors, and more, click on our dishy and delish video at top with Lisa Vanderpump.

Vanderpump Rules airs Mondays on Bravo.

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