Harry Potter, Dirty Joke

Warner Bros.

You're about to kick yourself for never noticing this hilarious hidden joke in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Take a close look at the still from the scene with Harry on the swing. Popsugar, who made the discovery, notes this is right before he's interrupted by Dudley and his ridiculous crew, and moments before the Dementors arrive. If you've noticed it before, you have a really good eye. Not only do we get a super quick look at it during the scene, after those pesky Dementors come by, the paper flies around the playground. 

Did you happen to notice that bold headline on the newspaper? It says, "Balls Judged 'Too Big.'" Whomp, whomp, whompppp. How is it that after so many years of watching this movie over and over again this is the first we've heard of this? Unclear. This makes us wonder what else we've missed.

If you watched these movies as a kid, there's probably a thing or two that went right over your head. Are Harry Potter and the crew secretly a bunch of raunchy wizards? Have we been blind to their racy ways this whole time? We don't know what to believe anymore. Although he was pretty serious most of the time, part of us always wondered if Harry had a saucy side. Guess we know now! Although, it's not certain as to what "balls" they are referencing exactly. 

Is it supposed to suggest Harry's presence and powers have gotten out of control? There was a lot of drama going on by this point. Or are we talking about a special 'wand' belonging to a certain magical wizard? We may never know for sure. Part of us feels very uncomfortable talking about Harry this way. Does anyone else agree? Cringe. One thing is for sure; the person assigned to take care of the props on set knows how to make a solid dad joke. 

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