Planet Earth 2, Baby Iguana and Snake Chase


You find some strange shiz on the internet these days, and this clip is no different. For whatever reason (aside from it being both terrifying and mesmerizing), a scene from Planet Earth 2 is wooing the online world. The BBC documentary clip shows a baby iguana making an extraordinary escape from a massive pile of snakes. Look away now if these animals freak you out. @MrLukeJohnston tweeted the insane clip, which now has 64,000 RT's and 79,000 Likes. If anything deserves those numbers and that type of attention, it's this fierce little iguana. The caption reads, "Possibly the greatest scene in documentary history. Incredible. #PlanetEarth2" Yep. Pretty much. Let's get to it. A hatchling iguana is going about its lovely day when they encounter the scariest looking gang of snakes.

Let's get to it. A hatchling iguana is going about its lovely day when they encounter a gang of snakes.

We immediately see the poor little bb being chased by one of the snakes, as it leaps through the air and narrowly escapes. Not so fast, however. The documentary explains that while snakes have poor eyesight, they're skilled in detecting movement. The hatchling knows this and decides to remain as still as possible. Unfortunately, it's not enough to keep the enemies away. A snake approaches him as the iguana tries to run. Then, no joke, like a zillion and one snakes come out of literally nowhere and chase after the hatchling.

It gets even more intense. In the scariest moment ever, a pile of snakes jump the little guy and attempt to strangle it. In a miraculous move, the iguana escapes (!!!) and joins its buddy (like it's no big deal) on the top of a rock. You guys, it's unreal. 

Of course, the internet felt the same way, tweeting remarks like "Me & my girlfriend were practically SCREAMING at the TV. What tension, what scale & what a sense of good vs evil," and "This is the greatest chase scene in motion picture history." Also, this person was all of us when they commented, "Where is this place, so that I may know to never go within 500 miles of it? For real. 

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