Voice of AOL You've Got Mail


There probably isn't a single '90s kid who, if you were lucky enough to have dial-up, wasn't addicted to AOL. You probably had a screen name like XxRainbowGlitterxX or HorseLuvr123. Or, if your parents didn't use those pesky child safety controls, you probably had the numbers '69' or '420' in your SN as well. Don't even get us started on the magic of crafting the proper Away Message either. It took serious thought to dig up the perfect Blink182 quote that vaguely referenced feelings for your crush, just in case they happened to see it. Are you feeling all warm and nostalgic? If not, the most '90s thing ever happened over the weekend, and you'll be thoroughly transported back to your AOL inbox by the end of this article.

When Brandee Barker was riding in an Uber in Ohio this past weekend, she met a magical unicorn named Elwood Edwards.

In case you didn't know, Mr. Edwards, now a driver for the app, was the warm and welcoming voice of AOL, each time you signed on to your account. You remember those beautiful words, "Welcome! You've got mail," don't you? Yep, that was him this whole time, and we didn't even know it. Barker tweeted a video of Edwards saying the most '90s phrase of all time, which is arguably the best thing to happen to the internet in a while. These words made all AOL users internally squeal with delight. 

After all, knowing we had mail meant we were loved enough to get blasted with annoying chain emails; and that was the best feeling ever. You know, the ones that forced us to forward them to 200 people in 2 hours or else our crush wouldn't ask us out? Ah, memories. Barker tweeted with the video, "OMG OMG my @Uber driver in Ohio was the You've Got Mail voice, Elwood Edwards!!! I made him say it in this video." Thank you, Twitter.

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