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Jessica Alba is going to need an emergency stop at her salon after this interview. 

The mogul stopped by Ellen DeGeneres' daytime talk show Monday to promote her Honest Company's new beauty line of haircare products. Unfortunately for Alba—but fortunately for everyone else—DeGeneres decided to test out mousse, conditioner and sprays on the actress' dry hair. 

To further the torture, the star could not use her hands and instead had to rely on DeGeneres' movements as they performed a demonstration for the audience while they were both strapped into a smock. As Ellen noted, she wrote the script, so it began like this:

"Hello, I'm Jessica the Hottie McTotty Alba." The comedian proceeded to spray Alba's head and face with water, smother her strands with leave-in conditioner, left a hairbrush stuck in her locks, blowed it all dry and topped the segment off with a shot of tequila for Jessica. Needless to say, this is one interview she'll always remember. 

DeGeneres may have wreaked havoc on Alba's head, but the star is doing perfectly fine. As Ellen explained to the audience, The Honest Company was recently valued at over $1.7 billion since she founded it in 2011. 

"It's just a valuation that magazines put on your company. We've never come out and said that's what," Alba retorted modestly. 

"But if someone is saying that, Jessica, that is what your company is worth and you should own it and be proud of that because you built this company up from nothing and you should be proud of that," DeGeneres reminded her. "Now, can I borrow some money?"

Jessica Alba

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The company has progressed so well that the Wall Street Journal even recently reported that Unilever PLC, which oversees popular brands like Dove and Lipton, is in discussions to buy the company. 

While the actress nor Unilever have commented on the report, it seems the company is doing a whole lot more than simply standing five years later. 

As for the mom of two, owning a company with a line of beauty products has allowed her to reshape the way we think about our looks.

"This is all about inner beauty and its all about celebrating the thing that is important, which is inner beauty and confidence," she told Ellen, in reference to her recent Shape magazine cover.

"Theres so many different ideas of what is beautiful and so many beauty companies want you to become someone else and I was like how about if we're just enhancing and celebrating your own beauty?"

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