Luna Legend, Celeb kids in music videos


Having kids is a life-changing experience for everyone, and celebrities are no exception. 

And when it comes to musicians, time and again their children serve to inspire and broaden their creative horizons—so it makes sense that we've seen an influx of kids popping up in their parents' music videos. May as well give credit where it's due, right there!

Beyoncé, John Legend and Kelly Clarkson's little ones are among those who've made scene-stealing cameos in recent memory; but the tradition goes way back, from Will Smith's "Just the Two of Us" (so iconic it inspired a Dr. Evil and Mini Me parody) to Britney Spears' "Ooh La La," featuring Jayden, Sean and a whole bunch of Smurfs. 

So, here's a quick trip down music video memory lane, which these days doubles as a baby album!

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