Unsatisfying, Viral Video


Do you want to kick off your weekend by getting really frustrated at your computer? You did click on this article, so some part of you must want to. You've probably seen this video making its way around your Facebook feed, or, maybe this is your first time watching. No matter what, prepare to get mildly upset in the middle and want to shut it off.

What's this viral video about? It's called Unsatisfying, and it's a compilation of life's most annoying situations. Trust us. Remember all those times you paid for a soda only for it to get stuck in the dang vending machine? That's in there. How about that time you didn't win the stuffed animal after you spend $17 on the claw machine? Or what about when you made the most Instagramable egg in the frying pan, only for the yolk to leak all over the place? 


Yep. Also in there. We told you this was a tough thing to watch! Okay, maybe it's not really that tough, but it is pretty funny how well they've captured all of these instances. Parallel Studio, the makers of the animated short, wrote on their video's page, "During the summer of 2016, We created and directed a video about unsatisfying situations: the frustrating, annoying, disappointing little things of everyday life, that are so painful to live or even to watch. 

We quickly realized that there are a lot of other situations that would be fun to see animated, so we decided to run an animation challenge around this idea." Funny how a few adorably illustrated images could make us feel so angsty inside.

If you think you can handle it, watch the video filled with horrific moments like when your basketball bounces off the rim, your spoon sinks in your soup, and you drop you PB&J, jelly side up. Cringe. 

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