The holidays can't come soon enough for Drew Barrymore.

The actress, entrepreneur and mom of two unveiled her holiday collection for Shutterfly in New York City Thursday. Barrymore designed the line herself, which includes everything from ornaments ($24.99) to blankets ($69.99). All items are priced between $6.99 and $139.99.

Each piece embodies Barrymore's joyful and youthful spirit, and she can't wait to share her latest designs as gifts with her friends and family during Christmas and Hanukkah. Speaking exclusively with E! News, the actress explained that she wanted to design products that "have to be out and about in your house, but should look aesthetically pleasing and less industrial."

"Frames and photo books are going to be big for me this year," the Blended star said, adding that she adores "having those on the coffee table and being able to look at the years going by."

The actress' daughters, Frankie Kopelman and Olive Kopelman, were big inspirations for her latest collection. "They didn't actually help me with the designs, per se, but I imagine they'll get very involved in that, because they're very arts and craftsy," she said. "Much more than I am!"

In fact, Barrymore said her girls are prone to "glitter explosions" at home. "I'm like, 'I have a vacuum. I'll clean it up. It's fine.' I let them get messy. It helps me feel like I'm not spoiling them if I give them the gifts of arts and crafts, because then it's not toys all the time. It's stuff to do."

Drew Barrymore

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Shutterfly

Like their mother, the Kopelman sisters can't wait for the holiday season to get into fully swing. "Usually we go to Idaho, but we're not going to go this year," Barrymore said. "We have a whole bunch of plans with the whole family. We have like three different adventures planned."

Barrymore is particularly excited to add to her ornament collection, as she doesn't have many heirlooms from her family. "The Barrymores...ugh! I would give anything for that stuff," she said. "I have a few drawings and etchings, but if anyone wants to send me anything, I'll take it."

"I started the brown box with the black sharpie that says 'Christmas Ornaments,' like on the top shelf of the garage. So, every year we pull out the ornaments and we talk about them," she told E! News. "That, to me, was like such a fantasy as a kid, to have that consistency. And for some reason, the few little years that were consistent, ornaments were so memory-inducing to me."

"It felt like the strongest of my five senses. Like, 'Oh, this ornament.' I remember it year after year after year. I'm really into that tradition with my kids," the Never Been Kissed star added. "There's something about Christmas ornaments that I think immediately injects nostalgia into you. I want to keep this box of ornaments and give it to my kids when they're 18, or whenever they want to move out—if they're 34, I don't care! I want them to live with me forever. Not really—that's probably not the healthiest. But God, I just want to spend every minute with them. I hope that they'll appreciate that kind of stuff; I certainly do. Nostalgia is not overrated!"

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