The Crown, Netflix's new drama about Queen Elizabeth II, has a little problem: All of the spoilers are out there. This is history. You know Elizabeth becomes queen. You know what happens to Winston Churchill. It's all happened.

"It's all there," Claire Foy, Queen Elizabeth on the series, told E! News. "That's the amazing thing about it. It's all genuinely there. There are certain aspects of it where you go, ‘That couldn't have happened,' and then you look it up and it did. That's why this show is so amazing, it's all researched, no stone was left unturned and they really got the most amazing stories out of it."

But should people hit up Wikipedia to find out what happens to the royal family, specifically at the point in their lives on The Crown?

"Why not?" Matt Smith, Prince Philip in The Crown, asked. "But also what's interesting about it as a show, I think, speaking personally, is that you learn a lot about them emotionally as people. You get to glimpse behind all those facts and go wow, ‘What happens when they get ready for bed? What happens when they have breakfast? Where do they sleep? What do they wear?'"

John Lithgow, who plays Prime Minister Winston Churchill in the series, has long rectified the fact that viewers know how the story ends with historical dramas.

"Churchill is long gone…all those turbulent, quarrels of many years ago, but they're very compelling. I think of it as the classiest soap opera ever made with the highest stakes. It really was important what happened to this rascally young man, Prince Philip, when suddenly his wife became a queen and he suddenly lost his youth in an instant. The stakes are high," Lithgow told us.

Need we say more about The Crown? Lithgow said it best: "The classiest soap opera ever made."

The Crown season one is now streaming on Netflix.

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