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Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Tony Awards Productions

Sometimes it seems like Hamilton fanatics are comparable in intensity to last night's Cubs fans. If you need further proof of this statement, look no further than Twitter, where Lin-Manuel Miranda, creator and star of the musical, announced today the release of a Hamilton mixtape. If you're a diehard lover of the Broadway hit, you're probably on the floor rolling around in tears of joy today. Don't even pretend you didn't briefly pass out after you heard the news. If this is the first time you are hearing it, you're welcome.

"Hello hello hello! Been working on a mixtape for years. It's finished. You can pre-order it TOMORROW. #HamiltonMixtape," tweeted Miranda. As you can tell from the response tweets, the internet is raging with happiness. One person replied to the news, "It is perfection. I'm practically weeping with excitement on my bus." Um, yep. Pretty sure everyone else is too. 

Another wrote, "*Wakes up* #HamiltonMixtape *jumps out of bed*Hamilton Mixtape!? *throws money at computer* @Lin_Manuelonce again has made my day." So, yeah. Like we said, everyone has pretty much lost their marbles over this announcement. Let us tell you what makes it such a firey compilation.

Contributors to the mixtape include everyone from The Roots and John Legend, to Usher and Alicia Keys. That, my friends, is just barely scratching the surface. We need to pause here and highlight one very important collaboration on the album. If you're a lover of '00s nostalgia too, prepare to faint. 

If you look closely at the track list tweeted by Miranda, you'll notice a little song called "Helpless." It's song number 13. Did you happen to notice who it's by? Did ya? DID YA? That's right, you guys. There's a song by Ashanti featuring Ja Rule on the Hamilton mixtape. What year is this? Are we dreaming? Amazing news. Like...we don't...even...have words for this. Deep breaths. Moving on, you can also expect to hear songs by Dessa, Wiz Khalifa and even Jimmy Fallon. Talk about a fire mixtape. 

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