Big Hero 6

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If you weren't already excited for the Big Hero 6 animated series, this news will make you very happy. Fans of the film will recognize voices from the original cast in the new TV series. Scott Adsit will return as everyone's favorite robot Baymax, along with Hiro, voiced by Ryan Potter, according to the show's IMDb page. Thank goodness too. You know there's nothing more awkward than when a series based off of a beloved film pulls a soap opera move and not-so-secretly replaces the biggest characters with new actors. Cringe. Oh My Disney notes, the new TV show will roll out on Disney XD next year, and also features familiar voices like Jamie Chung as Go Go, Alistair Krei voiced by Alan TudykGenesis Rodriguez as Honey Lemon, Maya Rudolph as Aunt Cass, David Shaughnessy as Heathcliff, and Fred's dad voiced by Stan Lee 2017 could not come faster. 

Expect the animated show to be a continuation of the movie, which means we get to see a lot more of Hiro, Baymax and the rest of the crew. Apparently, the show will focus on the squad guarding their city against scientifically modified bad guys. Sounds pretty interesting to us! We'll also watch Hiro overcome obstacles as he owns his new role at the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology. Adorbs. Wondering who the new voices will be in the series?

Brooks Wheelan will voice Fred in place of T.J. Miller, and instead of Damon Wayans Jr., Wasabi will be voiced by Khary Payton. Sad we can't bring back all of the original cast, but we're still super excited about these new additions. There will also be guest cast members joining the series, including Andy Richter and more. In other words, there is a lot to look forward to. It's been a solid minute since the movie came out, so we're more than ready for more. Who's with us? 

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