And baby makes... four? 

That's certainly what was on Jessie James Decker's mind Thursday afternoon when she shared a snapshot of her youngest son Eric on Instagram with the caption, "Let's make more of these @edeck87," tagging her husband Eric Decker's social media handle.

The singer-songwriter most recently welcomed her second little one with the NFL star just over a year ago, and given that Jessie gave birth to Vivianne in 2015, the timing sounds pretty spot on for a third addition! 

Over the summer, E! News' Carissa Culiner caught up with the lovebirds about their plans to expand the Decker clan. 

Let's make more of these @edeck87 ??

A photo posted by Jessie James Decker (@jessiejamesdecker) on

"I'm not planning on it, but he could do what he wants and get me knocked up again so we'll see what happens," Jessie James joked with us. "We're going to take it easy for a little bit, but you never know. Something could happen."

Eric added, "We got our girl, we got our boy and we kind of completed the family right now. We're going to slow down and enjoy."

With busy professional lives and two young ones at home, it's completely understandable that the family of three hopes to stay that way... at least for now. 

"[Their] personalities are completely different. Eric is old enough now where he's starting to come into his own. He's so aggressive," the patriarch shared. "Vivianne is very sweet and now she likes her dolls and she wants to not wrestle as much but just kind of run around and play while Eric is like on the floor slapping you in the face."

Sounds like they've got their hands full! Eric, care to respond? 

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