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The Chicago Cubs won the World Series for the first time in 108 years Wednesday, giving sports fan the ultimate underdog story destined for a movie.

While the Cubs are probably celebrating harder than anyone else, it was Bill Murray who came in a close second place. The Ghostbusters star, a Chicago native and hardcore Cubs fan, has been making his fandom known by appearing on big screens flexing his muscles and even predicting the Cubs would make it to the World Series at the White House. But Wednesday night Murray couldn't contain himself while participating in a post-game interview with news outlets.

He started out calm, telling reporters that he maintained his optimism even in the face of the Cubs' early losses. "There was no panic. I don't panic," he said. "Of course I thought [the victory] was going to happen." 

As the excitement in the room continued to escalate, however, so did Murray's attitude. The comedian envisioned the Chicago scene and detailed what he saw to reporters. "There's no violence. Everyone's a time like this it gets very emotional," he explained of his vision. "You forget there are curbs and you trip and you slip and you fall and maybe hurt a knee, but it's all for the best intentions."

And that's when the bubbly appeared. Murray opened a bottle of champagne and sprayed the reporters with it, even encouraging them to drink from it. Although they declined, Murray happily sipped from his bottle.

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Other celebrities also celebrated the history-making win, including Vince Vaughn who celebrated on Good Morning America. "I was gonna go to the game, but I knew I had to be here early and I didn't know if I was gonna get back in time," Vaughn told Michael Strahan. "But I ended up staying up just as late anyway. But it was exciting. What an unbelievable game!"

John Cusack, LeBron James, Charlie Sheen, Bonnie Hunt and Eddie Vedder were all spotted at the game, as well as Amy Schumer and boyfriend Ben Hanisch.

More took to social media to react:

It's safe to say everyone's pretty jazzed about the Cubs' big win.

Sorry, Cleveland.

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