Stephen Colbert, Mel Gibson, The Late Show


Mel Gibson and Stephen Colbert were feeling nostalgic Tuesday night.

Gibson stopped by The Late Show, and he and Colbert took a trip down memory lane during a segment called "Big Questions With Even Bigger Stars." Lying down on a blanket staring at "stars," Gibson and Colbert discussed their names, some astrology and even some of Gibson's life choices.

"Hey, Mel Mels," Colbert asked. "When you look back on your life, do you think you'll have any regrets?"

Mulling his answer, Gibson responded, "No, not one." He later joked, "They tend to come in clusters."

Colbert also asked Gibson what advice, if any, he'd give to his younger self, with the Ransom star candidly responding, "I'd tell my younger self to shut the f--k up."

In addition to Gibson's candid reflections, he also joked about other parts of his past, such as his time as People's Sexiest Man Alive. "Before I had this road kill on my face, I was the sexiest man alive," Gibson recalled, to which Colbert admitted he'd want to go back in time to "see if the legends [about Gibson's handsome looks] were true."

The Hacksaw Ridge director also said he'd want to go back in time to meet Jesus Christ.

"Oh, sure," Colbert responded. "You'd want to know if he liked The Passion of the Christ."

"No," said Gibson, "which Lethal Weapon movie was his favorite."

While taking in the sky's starry night, Gibson and Colbert also discussed their favorite horror movies, questioned philosophies and debated escape routes. Watch the video to hear their hilarious responses.

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