Kit Kat Thief

Twitter: Hunter Jobbins

Update! Kit Kat not only followed up on their promise to send Jobbins a new candy bar, they filled his entire car with them. The company tweeted a pic of the student sitting in his car full of chocolate goodness.

 It's a known fact that people will do crazy shit when they're hungry. Breaking into someone's car to steal food out of their cup holder is one of those things. Kansas State University student Hunter Jobbins experienced said savagery when he parked his car outside of the dorms for 15 minutes. While he was away, a thief noticed a Kit Kat bar in his vehicle and grabbed it. Oddly enough, they left a confession note which read, "Saw Kit Kat in your cup holder. I love Kit Kats so I checked your door, and it was unlocked. Did not take anything other than Kit Kat. I am sorry and hungry."

At least they were honest, right? Maybe? The college student tweeted a picture of the note writing, "Left my car for maybe 15 minutes in front of the dorms and I come back to this. College man." R.I.P. Kit Kat. 

The tweet was loved around the world as it now has 460,000 likes and 170,000 RT's. In a video posted to Twitter, Jobbins excitedly explains he even received an email from Good Morning America about the incident. Who knew a chocolate bar could make so many people feel so many emotions? The story also found its way onto fuckjerry's Instagram, where he captioned the pic of the note, "Wouldn't even be mad, though. If you leave a Kit Kat exposed, u have to assume all risk." 

Fair enough. Eventually, because the world is an awesome place, Kit Kat found out about the unfortunate incident and Tweeted Jobbins their sympathy. "Who steals someone's Kit Kat?! WHO DOES THAT?! Shoot us a DM and we'll replace it for you." PLOT. TWIST. Amiright, people? Props to the candy company for being the best about it all. Not only did the lucky guy not get anything else taken from his car, but he's also going to get his food back.

[Originally published November 1, 2016]

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