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Any pet owner can identify with the love and bond Amanda Seyfried has with her dog Finn.

The known animal activist and pet adoption enthusiast spoke to E! News about her "amazing connection" with her 7-year-old rescue dog, and how the love she has for her pet inspired the actress to work with Best Friends Animal Society.

"The amazing connection I share with Finn has made me appreciate being present and to not take any moment you have with the people and animals you love for granted," Seyfried tells E! News.

"Our special bond initiated my passion to work with Best Friends Animal Society to ensure we find forever homes for as many homeless and shelter animals as possible, and to have them experience the same joy I feel with Finn."

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In fact, Finn helped his famous mama for the cause recently. "As part of this year's Strut Your Mutt, we launched the #9000Steps Challenge back in June to signify the almost 9,000 animals killed every day in shelters simply because there isn't enough space.
"Finn and I had an amazing time at Strut Your Mutt in LA this past Saturday! It was an honor to kick off the event, and strut alongside the 2,700 dogs and 3,700 rescue advocates in attendance. I am thrilled that we raised a record-breaking amount that will go towards lifesaving programs to homeless and shelter animals across the country."

Amanda also shares how well-trained her four-legged bestie is, and notes how lovable he can be. "Finn can do 'off' with any food. Which means he won't eat the food until I tell him. Good on paws, nose, head. That's the one everyone seems to love. He also kisses on command. If he sees someone he loves he runs up, jumps up onto them and squeals like a madman. If he doesn't like someone he'll bark and back away slowly hoping they'll take the hint."

With Seyfried's busy schedule shooting at multiple locations, it can be tough taking Finn with her wherever she goes. But, luckily for the duo, they never go a day without some sort of interaction.

"I do my best to have Finn accompany me to wherever I go! He helps me stay active while traveling—any spare time we have will be spent going for walks and hiking, if possible. It is the best way to explore a new place!"
And when he can't come along, she has someone who makes sure her furry friend is A-OK. "I am so lucky to have the best dog sitter. When Finn and I are apart, I get sent at least two videos of him per day on his walks or just snoozing in the sun. I get so envious, but also excited that I'll soon get to snuggle with him."

Dog snuggles? Count us in!

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